Checking In

For my first blog entry, I thought I’d share a timed writing from when I was hanging out in Williamsburg, Brooklyn with my good friend Nat.  Now, I don’t generally just hang around in Williamsburg – it’s a little bit out of my way, being from Vancouver and all.  But this was part of a spontaneous trip I took over Easter weekend this year.  I think I was rebelling from my new 9-5 day job, never having had a 9-5 day job before that’s lasted for more than a 6 week period.  I figured – what the hell is the point in having a boring day job if you can’t take spontaneous trips to NYC with your best friend – using the money from your boring day job?  I just have to clarify that the job isn’t that boring.  But it definitely isn’t my dream.

While in Brooklyn, we found a great cafe for writing – the perfect cafe, really – on the perfect corner in the perfect neighborhood.  I realize I likely had my rose coloured adventure glasses on – but nonetheless.  I’ll share more about our NYC adventure in a separate post – for now I’d like to share this writing, which I think is appropriate considering the title of this blog.  And perhaps it is me making fun of myself more than any of you other ‘checker-inners’.  Here it is.


Opening up Google maps to find my location.  it’s important.  Where is my location.  And where is the location I am going to.  And what locations are around that location.  Always knowing exactly where you are going and how to get there.  And then checking-in.  Letting everyone else know your location.  So that they know you are somewhere.  So that they know you actually exist, for one, and also, that you have your shit together enough to actually go somewhere.  Then, if you are really living your life – you have someone who is also at that location with you.  and everyone knows it.  You must be having such a great cool awesome time.  Being “out” and all.  at a location.  with another person.  Wow.  Living.  Seize the motherfucking day bitches.  And log that shit into Facebook.  Because if you don’t – no one else will know how awesome your location filled life is.

AAAaaaannnd Scene.


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