Apartment Hunt

Oh dear God I am about to rip out my hair.  Apartment hunting is the worst.  It seems exciting at first – the idea of change – the possibility of the unknown – but then there’s the reality.  Constantly checking into Craigslist, racing to see a place with 5 other couples in line, the restrictions when you have a cat (like a cat causes any more damage than a kid – seriously!), the negotiating and hashing over all the pros and cons with your significant other… cheaper but dingier, more expensive but updated… what’s more important – location, price, size, etc, etc, etc.

Someone just hand me the bestest ever apartment for the most amazing price puleeeez!

My boyfriend and I are downsizing from a 2 bedroom to a 1 bedroom.  Why? It seems everyone else our age is upgrading.  Well, we are artists.  We are going into pre-production for an independent film very soon.  We don’t want our day jobs to rule us.  We’d rather have money to spend on our passions.  All this sounds wonderful and idealistic and simple – but really it’s frustrating, practical and complicated.

But, like George Michael said – you gotta have faith.  And so, like with nearly everything else in my life, I am taking a leap of faith.  We’ve given our notice, we have some back up options, and we hope that whatever choice we make with the options we are given will be the right one.

And on the bright side – we’ve gotten to know our East Van neighborhood pretty well.  



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