Bike Lane Bliss

I’m feeling a little blah today, so I thought I should intentionally write about something I love.  Here it is.

union hawkes sign

The Adanac Bikeway in Vancouver is awesome.  Just thought I’d give a positive shout out to this city’s bike lanes.  It’s like a mini bike tour.  Take a stop at La Casa Gelato, stop and fill your tires at Union and Hawkes, shoot the shit with a fellow cyclist, check out the view of the mountains as you zip up the Georgia Viaduct. Amazing.

Riding a bike makes me feel like I’m at least 10 years younger.  One of my favorite things.  Weather permitting, of course.  After I’m home from cycling I often feel about 10 years older, however…. sore back, shoulders, neck… oh well.  Nothing a little Pilates can’t fix!  I think that it’s the outdoor activities that make Vancouver something.  If you aren’t into cycling, hiking, boating, running and whatever other activities are heightened by mountains, oceans, a moderate climate and kick-ass scenery – Vancouver is probably not the place for you.  I’m finally starting to let this city be itself.  The first year or two after I moved here I was trying to make Vancouver into a mini Toronto – and that definitely wasn’t working for me.

Lesson learned.  Better to embrace what-is, than to resent what-isn’t.



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