Birthday Hike

Hiking is awesome.  Like cycling, it reminds me why people want to live in Vancouver.  For my birthday, instead of trying to arrange some sort of gathering with my friends who don’t know each-other and may or may not be available, I thought a hike with my bf would be a great way to spend the day.kingcamera_00185orig

We drove to Buntzen Lake in Port Moody and did the Diez Vistas hike.  Gorgeous hike with apparently 10 views – although I only counted about 5.  Pretty steep uphill climb for the first bit.  Holy cow are my quads sore today.  It may be because we burned through the 4-6 hour hike (which, according to the website, is a 6-8 hr hike) in 4 hours flat – fearing we may not get back to the parking lot before close (That included a stop to devour homemade guac and chips – yum).   It may also be because I’ve only been on one other hike this season, which was relatively flat and short.  Turns out we over-estimated our hike time, which was great, because we were able to incorporate dinner on the Drive (Italian Day!) into the end of the day.

Upon our return, we were inspired, and decided that we needed to make hiking a very regular part of our lives, and also decided that we should start collecting camping and hiking gear and get in touch with the great out doors.  Big plan, but seems a bit more accessible these days than our plan to move to Morelia, Mexico for 3 months and take Spanish lessons.  That goal may have to wait for another year or so.

People travel from all over the world to go hiking and camping in B.C.  Sometimes it’s easy to forget that there are tonnes of great places to explore less than an hour drive away!


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