Dancing for Car Free Days


On Sunday our Highland Dance Group had our informal debut at Car Free days in Vancouver’s west end.  Shot of Scotch Vancouver has been rehearsing/getting into condition over the past couple months, and we decided we’re ready to get out on dry land.  And thankfully, the weather held out and the land was dry – at least for the duration of our set.  We got a nice little crowd, and drew the usual “Nice Skirts!” and “Scotland!” comments while walking down Denman in our Kitls.

Three of us performed – and each of us was a little nervous, a little tired and a little under the weather – but once we got going it was all good.  This was a mini-test for me to see how my dance legs could hold up in a performance, and I’m glad to say I am not at all physically destroyed by our set.   I was a little sore the next day, but all in all I’m feeling stronger and ready to take on a bigger challenge.  We’ll be dancing again this Saturday at the BC Highland Games.  I’m looking forward to it, and also looking forward to being at a highland games again – I can’t remember the last time, probably a decade at least!!  After that – I have about 3 weeks til Basel, Switzerland.  Judging from where I’m at now  –  I think I’ll be feeling prepared when the time comes.  Just gotta keep it up!  Definitley isn’t as easy as it was when I was younger, but absolutely more rewarding.



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