Crashing The Killing


The Killing.  I love this show.  It’s pretty much the only show shot in Vancouver that I care about these days.  It has a Twin Peaks/ X-Files quality about it but with better acting and minus the supernatural stuff (not that I have anything against the supernatural).  On Saturday my BF and I semi-crashed (he worked about 3 days on the show) the season 3 wrap party as part of his 30th birthday celebration.  It was too easy – they even gave us a stack of drink tickets.

I usually dread these film wrap parties.  As an outsider I am usually awkwardly smiling and nodding on the side of conversations I can barely hear and/or know nothing about.  This one however won me over.  I think it was the drink tickets combined with the never-ending oyster supply that did it for me (I effing LOVE oysters).  Not to mention some great conversation with a couple people who prefer to converse rather than mingle (like, about their passions and stuff!).  The highlight of my evening though, I have to admit, was being in such close proximity to the star of the show, Mirielle Enos, and her husband Alan Ruck (best known for Ferris Beuler).  She’s one of my favorite actors on T.V. right now, and I’m not generally star struck, but in this instance I was pretty gosh-darned excited.  I placed myself between oysters, good company and a great view of Mirielle – watching one of my real-life idols talk, laugh and mingle with her peeps.  I was in a state of pure bliss.

I had booked a room at the Moda Hotel (upstairs) for the night, so after maybe one too many drinks (in a good way), my BF and I staggered over to Pizza Garden to grab a couple slices, headed back to the small but comfortable room and crashed.  A perfect party evening downtown Vancouver.


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