Highland Games

Saturday was an epic day in terms of going places and doing things.    I’m so wiped out from the weekend that I barely have the energy to report – but I gotta keep up with the goal.

The day started out in Coquitlam for the BC Highland Games.  My dance group was dancing  on the main stage in the morning.  Now, it’s been YEARS since I’ve been to a highland games.  So this was a bit of a blast from the past.  I’m glad I was not dancing near the young, agile competitors.  I definitely had that moment of “I hope no one recognizes me”.  From what I remember, the Highland Dancing world in B.C. can be unreasonably judgemental towards dancers that continue dancing past an ‘appropriate’ age.  It’s elitist and weird, but just how it is.  That being said, I think we get props for being over 30 and making it through a 20 minute dance set.  Now that I AM a dancer dancing past an “appropriate” age – my perspective has changed.  It feels great to know I can still participate in such an athletic activity without self destructing.

Anyhoo – I can feel a rant coming on, so I’ll continue.  After we danced, I wandered over to watch some of my sister’s competetive dancers and saw that 3 of the competition judges were women I used to dance with back in the day.  They’ve moved on to marraige, kids, teaching and/or judging at competitions – the natural progression of a competetive Highland Dancer.  Apparently I’m not the “growing up” type – which, I have to say,  I’m totally fine with.

bc highland games

It was nice to be back in that familiar environment and reconnect with my heritage.  Definitely looking forward to more.


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