Moving Day!


Tomorrow is moving day.  Am I packed? No.  That will happen after work.  Yes I’m blogging at work… who doesn’t?  Anyhoo – looking forward to the packing party (consisting of me and my bf).  Not expecting much sleep.  Luckily we’ve only lived in this place for a year – so it’s not completely cluttered with mass amounts of crap.  Maybe the reason I’ve managed not to become some kind of hoarder is that I move every 1-3 years.  I like to keep things somewhat light.  Perhaps a fear of settling – perhaps it’s simply circumstantial.

Of course the cat, Bono, decided to make friends with a bunch of fleas just in time for the occasion.  Yes, of course I know a cat would not decide such a thing – but it does seem like perfectly in-opportune timing to deal with a fleabag animal.  (side note: experimenting with this Diatomaceous Earth product – I’m impressed with the reviews, but results are inconclusive at this point.)  Little does he know that he will soon be an indoor cat – I hope the transition isn’t too traumatic for him.  Hopefully he’ll blame the fleas and not me.

As much as moving involves a certain amount of stress – it also comes with change – which I love.  So even though I’m sleep deprived, and will continue to be for another day – I’m hoping on being held afloat by adrenalin.  Ch-ch-ch-changes…


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