All’s well that ends well?

So we moved.  I don’t even want to talk about it.  Big time stress.  Issues with landlords, building managers and angry previous tennants created drama and unneeded extra work.  Thankfully I love our new location, in the heart of The Drive, great little balcony, the Cat is happy even though he’s instantly become an indoor cat.  We are still living among boxes and bags, but that will work itself out eventually.  Silver linings, right?

Anyhoo… breathe out… breathe in… I’ve avoided blogging because I figured my pent up stress would come streaming out in an incomprehensable entry full of negativity and I didn’t want to send that out into the world.

So, I will step away from the computer and leave you with these thoughts, and an image of Bono The Cat laying on our old couch (which is now living in an alleyway somewhere, due to moving complications)

Sunshine, Vancouver, Beer, Happiness, Love, Art and neverending Friendships.  I am thankfull for all of these things.



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