I’m in Switzerland…

This just took about 15 days to sink in… I leave tomorrow.  I’m in this lovely hostel in Richterswil on Lake Zurich – my room has a perfect little writing desk looking out the window onto the lake and the village on the hill.  The night lights are sparkling and I can hear conversations coming from the pathway below.  The hostel is an old converted Silk Factory jutting out onto the lake.   When I arrived by train, I was completely exhausted from my previous two weeks at the Basel Tattoo (more on this later).  My feet were/are swollen to massive proportions, my eyes were/are itchy and red and I was running on about 2 and 1/2 hours of sleep after an all nighter at the the cast-bar.  Check-in is not until 5 (one small complaint) but I was able to store my suitcase and go lay in the park along the water.  This seems to be a place that draws families and couples alike – everyone having what seems to be the most magical and wonderful time.  Parents all playing with their children, couples embracing in the water.   Although I was exhausted, I couldn’t help but feed off the positive energy surrounding me.  It was a nice change from the hectic schedule of the past 15 days.

The town of Richterswil is small, quaint and pretty.  No impressive view of the alps, but the rolling hills, the lake and the classic Swiss architecture are enough to make me feel I am in Switzerland.  It’s a Sunday evening, so not much is open – but I was able to take in a bit of the town, with it’s two church steeples  (with bells!), garden pathways and shuttered houses and apartments.  I’m sure if I had more than 2 hours sleep from the night before, I’d me more inclined to go for a hike to the top of the rolling hills to see what might be on the other side.

My stay here is just a quick over-nighter for the sole purpose of absorbing my Basel Tattoo experience – although I could see myself getting a lot of writing done if I were to stay.  It really is the perfect set up: a lovely view, a bit of water, and not enough going on to distract from actually getting some work done.  I will have to remember this place the next time I’m financially inclined to take a European writing vacation.  Image


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