I created this blog to be inclusive of all my varied interests and activities.  After debating what the theme should be, or what the name should be, I finally decided on ‘Going Places and Doing Things’.  Because most things I’d like to write about involve either going places – be it down the street or across the world, and/or doing things.  It is also an attempt to focus on concrete experiences, and get away from the “what-if?” type of writing I have often focussed on in the past.  However, I am sure that in the process of going places and doing things, many ‘what if’ questions will arise.

Thanks for being a part of this new and hopefully on-going adventure of mine.

Things this blog may include:

Theatre, Travel, Film, Food, Drink, Cycling, Highland Dance, Acting, Writing, Running, My Cat, Day Jobs,  Puppetry, Hiking, Coffee.

Places this blog may include:

Vancouver, East Vancouver, Portland, New York, Kelowna, Toronto, Switzerland, Vancouver Island…. and and and.


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