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I am in a play, and we need some help!

This post is a bit of a plug, not going to lie.  The past month I have been in rehearsals for a great new musical play titled “The Chariot Cities” which will be premiering at the Vancouver Fringe Theatre Festival this September.  Much of the material is inspired by musical families such as the Wainwright-McGarrigles.  I’m both excited and nervous to be part of this project, and hope we can gather a large audience for each of the shows.  Click this LINK to our fundraising campaign.  We only have 5 days left for people to donate. 

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Cabernet and Clowns


Oh the sunshine.  Those fleeting moments in Vancouver when we are all reminded why we love this city.  Or at least the love part of the love/hate relationship.  This Sunday I took a break from apartment hunting for the afternoon/evening, and went out for a good meal on a great patio with a fantastic drink special.  Fets on Commercial Drive has recently updated their decor, and I have to say, I love the new look.  I’m not always into snazzy upgrades – they often kill the personality of a place – but in this case, it was the way to go, in my humble opinion.  The best part was the $5 glass of Hester Creek Cab-Merlot.  Most often when a place has a drink special, it’s their crappiest glass of wine on the menu – so this was a pleasant surprise.  Okay, so enough plugging of ‘Fets’ – I’m not getting paid for this! Although I should be! Hm… business opportunity? File that thought away…. Anyhoo – carrying on…

After dinner we went to see Mump and Smoot at The Cultch.  Oh my God.  Everything I hoped for and more.  I’ve been hearing about these guys for years now.  I have a buddy in Toronto who clowns, and is a former student/co-clown of Mump? or is it Smoot… I can’t remember.  In any case – These guys are big time pros.  They had the audience in the palm of their hands from the moment they entered the theatre space.  At one moment during the show, they got full, voluntary participation.  I mean FULL audience participation.  We all found ourselves praying to “Ummo” their God – in order to revive a dead Mump.  And they made us think it was our idea.  Brilliant.

This is the second Clown show I’ve seen in the past month – the first being Cucci and Cabana – and I am hooked.  The level of commitment to the character and imagined scenarios is so entertaining, not to mention inspiring for me as a performer.

Maybe I should run away to France and become a clown.  They have the best wine AND the best clown schools in France… so I hear.  Something to think about anyway.