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Cozy Victoria Weekend

Easter weekend Jeff and I visited the island for a half family, half chill-out weekend.  On the Sunday we checked into an amazing little carriage house I found through airbnb (have I mentioned how much I love that site?).

This place was perfect.  It was just behind the parliament buildings and only about a 10 minute walk from downtown.  We ended up spending more time in our little mini-house than I expected.  It was so cozy and cute with it’s own little kitchen, and a mini staircase up to our loft bedroom with queen sized bed.  It even had a little gas fireplace on the main floor.


When we did manage to tear ourselves from our hide-away, we pretty much just meandered around town.  Day one we had a late lunch/early dinner at Cafe Mexico.  I loved the atmosphere here, the food was decent, service was friendly – although a little forgetful.  Maybe our server was new.  It didn’t really matter after our double margaritas.


Day two it was a little overcast and we decided to check out Miniature World.  A full on tacky tourist choice.  We were entertained.  I think the admission is a bit steep, but it didn’t seem to keep people away.  I have a vague memory of a miniature world I visited with my family when we were in either Holland or Germany.  That one was definitely more impressive than this one – more of a fully conceptualized outdoor setup. This one had different displays, put together by various individuals at different times, and with different models.  Best part of this miniature world, in my opinion, was the train from Vancouver to Toronto that faded to ‘nighttime’ for 30 seconds at a time.


For lunch on Day 2, the sun had started to come out, so we chose to eat on the heated patio of 10 Acres.  A downtown restaurant that sources mostly from their local farm.  I felt like we were in a Portlandia episode.


Night two we visited a good friend, ordered in pizza and hung out.  We left the next morning, late, and took our time to get to the 1pm ferry.  The sun came out for us and we were able to enjoy an hour on the waterfront in Sydney.


All in all it wasn’t the most adventurous of weekends, but it was exactly how we wanted to spend our time. Chill and easy.


Planning and Dreaming

I’ve been under the weather for too long, and hence, have not done much or gone anywhere.  Sitting in bed has, however, allowed me to plan out our short summer vacation (Luckily we have a Toronto wedding as an excuse to travel!! Thanks cousin!!) and lust over listing after listing on Air B&B.

In June, Jeff and I will be staying (hopefully) 2 nights in East Harlem, 2 nights in Williamsburg (confirmed), 4 nights right downtown Toronto, and the remainder of our Toronto time most likely in Roncesvalles with a best friend.


I can’t wait.  I love city neighborhoods.  I love cities.  And Air B&B feels like the best invention since ride-sharing.  I just hope that it’s not somehow outlawed one day due to pressure from big hotels.

Luzerne in a Flash

One of two day-trips I had time for during my Basel Tattoo experience, was a day trip to the lovely Luzerne, Switzerland and surroundings.  The entire dance team and entourage took a very early bus from Basel and returned a few hours before our evening performance.  Needless to say, I was completely wiped out the following day – but managed to pull it together for the show.

A few ferry stops away from the city of Lucerne
A few ferry stops away from the city of Lucerne

Normally I’m not a fan of bus-tours, or any kind of group tour or group travel for that matter, but with team-spirit in mind, I quite enjoyed our excursion, and even happened upon a friendship with one of the other dancers that was, until that day, just an aquaintance.  Lucky me!  Two of the best things to have when traveling is 1. A friendship, and 2. A flirtation.  Since I am happily in a relationship, the friendship will prevail, and prerequisite for a flirtation has to be “harmless”.

Our first stop was a lovely, family run cheese making business up high among the rolling

Dairy Cow - I forget her name...
Dairy Cow – I forget her name…



hills.  We were greeted by the owner who told us a little of their history, and let us sample their delicious cheese.  One of the things they prided themselves on was that each of their dairy cows had names!

Next stop was lunch at a nearby hotel – very important – with the most spectacular view I have seen.   I wished we had a week to hang around and hike and lay on checkered picnic blankets and eat cheese.

After lunch we headed to Luzerne via train then boat (all spectacular and gorgeous).  We stayed in town for a couple of hours, where my new friend and I ate ice cream, sat by the water, and then walked around the town until we had to hop back on the bus.

Lucerne City
Lucerne City


bodum store in Luzerne.  I didn't know this existed!
bodum store in Luzerne. I didn’t know this existed!

Fountain in Lucerne

Fountain in Lucerne