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Low Maintenance Whistler Afternoon

This weekend Jeff and I stayed a couple nights at the Executive Suites in Squamish for the sake of getting out of our apartment and avoiding the temptation to work, clean and/or watch way too much Netflix.  We were mostly successful…. well… partially successful.

Sunday we slept in, lazily made our way up to Whistler with the thought of ice skating and/or cross country skiing.  Both of us were uninterested in having an itinerary filled weekend, so taking it an hour at a time seemed to work.  We stopped into La Brasserie for lunch (super cozy and kitchy), then, thanks to a very helpful Info booth woman, were directed toward Green Lake for some pristine oh-so-Canadian ice skating.

Green Lake was the highlight of our non-action packed weekend.  We put on our snow pants and bad-ass ice skates we got for Christmas, and enjoyed the perfectly clear lake, sunshine and mountains.  This experience actually topped skating at Idabel Lake (in the Okanagan) which is always a highlight to my winter.  I don’t know if I can handle skating on an indoor rink ever again.

green lake